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All sales are final! This means no cancellations, refunds or returns, please note this when you order.

Why is there nothing that I can purchase on your website? I sold out! Check my Instagram bio (@flowslimes) to see when I'll be restocking!

What do I get in my order? Your slime(s), a bag of borax, business card with instructions to care for your slime, and 1-3 pieces of candy. You'll also likely recieve more extras if you order more slimes.

When will I get my slime? I typically ship orders on Saturdays, so please plan your purchase accordingly (before 5:00 PM PST on Fridays) Once they ship they normally take about 2-6 business days to arrive if you live in the United States. If your order is international it can take anywhere from approximately 7-24 business days. Once I ship your package, you'll get an email or text with a tracking number.

My slime spilled in the mail, what do I do? If its salvageable, clean up any mess in the bubble wrap/mailer and add lotion if the slime is dried out/unstretchy. If it is absolutely unsaveable after you've attempted to save it, send me and email at with proof that it spilled, as well as your order number and any other proof you feel is necessary.

My slime is frozen... This is due to extreme weather changes that occurred during the shipment process, so leave it in a room temperature room for a few hours or until it thaws out. I do not recommend microwaving slime, as it could turn into a liquid mess which you won't be able to reactivate into slime.

My slime is hard... Mix a small amount of glue or glycerin into the slime until combined.

My slime is sticky... Mix 1 cup of warm water with your provided borax, until dissolved. Add a few drops into your slime, or dip your fingers into the solution and knead the slime. Stickiness is a result of warm weather or not washing your hands. Adding to much of your activator (borax solution) will cause the slime to not stretch and be unusable, so be VERY careful when activating slime.

Do you ship to the UK, Canada, etc.? Yes! I ship internationally to every country.

Can I review your slime? Yes! It's greatly appreciated if you post a review your purchase using #flowslimesproof on Instagram and you could possibly get a story shoutout!

My slime is... Unless oddly specific, the answer to your question is most likely on the business card you received when you purchased! If its not on there, send me an email at

Any other questions? Email them to